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Two New Pairs of Pants

The seamstress brought the white and lavender pairs of pants and they seem to fit so much better! I'm going to wear them tomorrow and Saturday and move around a lot and see how they are. Then she'll come back on Sunday to see if they need to be changed.

I dropped a DVD off at the post office and went to Kaiser to get the new dosage of levothroid. I was waiting for my name to come up on the board when I heard "NURSE TO THE FRONT DESK!" and turned around to look at the front desk. Someone was unconscious on the floor, face down, and a nurse was there in two seconds, a doctor in three more, and a total of eight medical staff by 10 seconds. Pretty good. Most of the staff left as the person gained consciousness, and after I picked up my meds and was leaving, they had ice packs on the person (very short hair, chubby, couldn't identify gender).

I'd gotten partway through the WashPost while I was waiting and the Home section, now only six pages instead of 12 or so, had an entire page of middle-school-age crafts. I'm not kidding. Applying maps to coasters with ModPodge, for example. How the heck do they think they'll keep subscribers?
Tags: crafts, health, pants

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