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The Echocardiogram

I had a late enough appointment that I got some online stuff done before I left, taking the trash and recycling out on the way. The technician asked how the stress test was and I told her how it started with the shortness of breath and then the x-ray of an enlarged heart. She said x-rays weren't really reliable for that and I shouldn't worry. That sounds good. And while I was putting my bra and top back on, I noticed that of the 10 patients on her screen, I had a 64M file, the next-to-smallest (the most was 172M), which probably means she didn't have to take as many pictures to be complete.

I stopped at Tony's on the way home and got a slice of cheese pizza and an order of garlic bread and came home just damp and was able to eat without having to sprawl on the bed and dry off.

I got two calls today about the TSH stick yesterday -- Tito must not have marked that he'd done it. The level is just above the bottom of the acceptable range, so we're decreasing again, and doing another TSH in three weeks.

The news yesterday had a bit about the youngest African-American girl to fly across the country. Okay, so she was older than the actual youngest, who was white, and partitioning it to African-American gives her a title, but this kind of partitioning is not good for our future. We need to just have the youngest girl. And someday, the youngest person. Maybe the youngest mammal.
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