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Marilee J. Layman

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08:18 pm: Sitting Up Straight
I dropped a DVD off at the post office today and went on to Kaiser where I expected to spend about 30 minutes. I spent two hours sitting up straight. I was scheduled to have the last nebupent treatment today, but after I'd been there about 30 minutes (ran into a friend from bookgroup and talked a bit), I asked one of the aides to remind the nurses I had the treatment. Turned out the nurses who did it before weren't there and the nurse who was didn't even know about the appointment. He hadn't done it and had to collect everything from lots of places. There's a much nicer negative-pressure room, but it was still sitting up too long. I had a repeat thyroid test, too.

On the way home a car of young men yelled TIRE! so I stopped at the shop on the way home, and they checked and said the tires were fine. I came home and cooled off on the bed. I expect to decamp to the recliner every so often while I'm online tonight because I hurt a lot.

The WashPost TV Week says Warehouse 13, which is debuting tonight, is about Secret Service agents collecting paranormal objects so the Earth won't die. Argh. I've giving it one try. It also said the reason the channel changed its name to SyFy was because they couldn't copyright SciFi.

Today's WashPost Health section notes two studies that show obese people live as long as normal-weight people and longer than skinny people. But then it goes on to say that the people in the studies weren't taken down to just one problem or not taking cholesterol. This is wrong, because neither did the original studies that think being fat is bad for you.

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Date:July 8th, 2009 03:46 pm (UTC)
Too bad the hospital wasn't ready for you. You'd really think they'd be more organized.
I've heard about that study, too. Not sure I completely believe it. But, then again, life doesn't come with guarantees; perfectly healthy seeming people have enlarged hearts, die while out on their daily jog, etc. etc.
Take good care and, if you can, take it easy today,
P.S. I won't be watching the Korean movie - I stay away from unpleasant nowadays.
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Date:July 8th, 2009 05:59 pm (UTC)
Oh, I wouldn't expect you to watch it. I think part of the problem with Kaiser was that the center moved just a couple weeks ago and they're still figuring out where things are.

I head off to the echocardiogram in a bit, but those are not hard. I just am not looking forward to the driving without air conditioning!
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