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Too Humid

It wasn't supposed to be humid today, but it was. I got money at the ATM, dropped a DVD and the first ER co-pay (with a note that the other two would come the next two months) in the drive-by post office box, and then got groceries. I had to sit down three times, including while the clerk rang my stuff up. I just put all the money and paper in my pocket and went out to the car. I must have looked really bad because the handicapped woman parked next to me offered to put my bags in my car and take my cart. I thanked her profusely.

When I got home, I was dripping everywhere and panting so I put the cold stuff away and went to get undressed and lie down on the bed. I pushed the door toward shut and it didn't close, but my cats are so used to open doors that neither tried to open it, they just complained. One on each side, of course.

I called both hospitals to find out how to get the ER records for both ends of the two helicopter transfers and it turns out I don't have to go in! I was really worried because I can't walk even less far these days. The local hospital will send me a form to fill out and the bigger, closer-in, better hospital had a recording at talking speed with all the info I needed to write out and send (I hope they accept typing for writing). I took it down quickly and then typed it into a file.

In local news, Marion Barry, who was DC mayor and is now on the council, was arrested for domestic stalking on July 4th. His long-term girlfriend accused him to the Park Police then, but is now saying she didn't. He's only out of prison because the judge let him stay out even though he hasn't paid taxes in years. He has renal disease, but that's not what makes him such a creep.

Also, at midnight tonight, the DC law that recognizes same-sex marriages in states passes. Congress gets one month to take it down.
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