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The Wild Machines, The Book of Ash, #3 by Mary Gentle

This is a single book in the UK, but four (thank ghu) in the US. Comments on Book 1 and Book 2.

This book takes place in three days of Ash's life. We skip crossing the Med from their-Carthage and pushing up to Dijon, but are told about the sunless devastation -- nothing left anywhere to eat, babies exposed, frozen people stacked, etc. -- on the way. They find Ash's "sister," Faris, the commander of the Carthage army with a large detachment sieging Dijon. Ash gets her people safely inside Dijon and talks to Faris, trying to talk her into realizing who the Wild Machines are and why she shouldn't follow their commands.

The last day is a hunt to determine the new Duke of Dijon. This turns out to be much more important than you'd think.

And in the interleaved material, our character-author and his editor find even more odd history and comparisons.
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