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Scary Shower

I've been washing up at the sink the last couple of days since I can't use my shower while the ceiling drywall has a hole in it, but I knew I'd have to shower soon. I set up in the guest bathroom last night, which has a tub. I have a suction grip that I attach to the fiberglass shell, but it's still scary to step up over the side (I have to pull my foot up) and there's no grab bars in the tub. The seat I have in my shower won't fit in the tub. I was rinsing my hair this morning and couldn't figure out why it was so tangled when I remembered that in worrying about setting up, I forgot to brush my hair this morning.

As I left the guest bathroom and headed to my bed to lie down and dry off, the smoke alarm, which is next to the guest bathroom door in the hallway, went off. I turned back and shut the door and the alarm stopped. After I dryed off and had meds, I put on my robe and opened the door on the way to the kitchen and enough steam had gone so the alarm didn't go off again.

As usual, I'm washing sheets, and some of my laundry, too.
Tags: sheets, shower

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