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We had some fireworks outside last night and then there was the sound of a big truck. Nothing seems to have actually burned, but this happens every year as folks from other countries follow their cultures and laws, and not ours. Probably happen again tonight.

The city's fireworks are about four long blocks away tonight, and two blocks perpendicular from that line is the city's new 500-car garage. Which will be closed tonight because it might cause a back-up. Uhhuh. Isn't this why we have police?

I'm glad I recorded that particular batch of Twilight Zone because they're the newer, color episodes from CBS and I haven't seen them before. The rest are the older, B&W episodes and I've seen some of these dozens of times.

Last night I FORMATed the drive on my little old laptop -- bought in 1995 and became unusable in 2007 -- several times. I would have preferred to completely overwrite, but all the utilities that would do that were not small enough to get to the laptop via floppy drive or dial-up, which is its limits. It, and two dead CFs, will go to HazMat at the transfer station next Saturday.

I have brown rice in the rice cooker and have been taking breaks from the keyboard to chop veggies. I brought the piece of drywall I have inside and by eye, it's just the right size, which probably means it's too small. I can't get up and measure the hole.
Tags: computer, drywall, fireworks, food, twilight zone

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