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Not A Leak

But I get to pay for a bit of drywall sawed out and soon for another bit of drywall put back in. :::sigh::: So I still don't know why the condo is so damp this summer. Yikes, I just talked to MrHandyman and they'll charge $475 to put about 8x12" of drywall back up, mud, and paint. That's for their minimum of two-hours per day, but I'm not sure I can find other things for the worker to do to make up for that much. I wonder if Lucila's husband can do it. Nope, but he'll find me someone who can next week.

I watched Twilight Zone last night and recorded 12 hours since I'll surely be out of things to watch next week. They had a lot of 15-minute episodes, including some by SF authors that I hadn't seen before, like "The Star."
Tags: handywork, tv

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