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Recycling and Medical Stuff

I took the recycling out today and there was someone else at the transfer station section for individuals. She said she'd never been there when someone else was and I told her I'd seen four or five people so far. I told her I can recycle everything but cardboard at the condo complex, so I only came when I had enough cardboard to make it worthwhile. Then I dropped a DVD in the drive-by box at the post office.

I came home and started scheduling the three tests ordered Monday and they all offered me tomorrow when I already have an appointment with my primary doctor. I had one put on next week (where I already have an appointment) and the other two on the next week.

Then I made up and printed out calendars for the next three months because the rheumatologist gave me a rather complicated prednisone taper that I will almost certainly screw up if I have to do it memory.
Tags: health, recycling

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