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Really Really Very Bad Day

Partly my fault -- I scheduled too many things even with moving groceries back to yesterday. I'm taking fosamax every other Monday and it has a convoluted order of how to take and do everything else, not to mention it takes me five minutes to get the pill out of the packaging. Part of the doing everything else is sitting up for 30 minutes at points where I usually lie down and rest.

I've been really short of breath all day as well as dizzy/light-headed and fatigued, plus my pulseox was only 96. The rheumatologist was worried about that and ordered a pulmonary test, echocardiogram, and chest spiral CT. I can set those up on Wednesday. I don't feel so bad sitting and then I stand up and start crashing.

I do cat blankies on Mondays, but I had my laundry to do, too, and I'm almost done there (the washer gives five series of three beeps; the dryer gives a long beep), plus I had to run the dishwasher because I don't have any spoons (real metal ones) left. I still need to get trash together because Lucila is coming tomorrow, which means I have to get up at 10am. Although I may sleep while she's here.

I also have to call Kaiser Member Services tomorrow because one of the helicopter companies is trying to make me pay $775 instead of giving Kaiser what they want -- notes from the sending and receiving ERs to prove I needed to be moved. They would have had the notes to carry along with me.

So, no more appointments on Mondays. Just the groceries, cat blankies, trash, and every other Monday, the stupid fosamax.
Tags: health, laundry, schedules, tests

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