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I now have azaleas in front of my porch. They're not mine, they're my upstairs neighbor's, but I see them most of the time. For years, he's wanted azaleas there and told the board (I heard, twice) that he'd be happy to buy them if they'd plant them (he's 87, not up to planting). So I realized a couple weeks ago that we have a mother-daughter team across the way who not only have plants all over their second-floor porch, but are planting veggies & flowers in front of the porch across the way next to them. So I told them about the azaleas and asked if they'd plant, and they have. I don't particularly like azaleas, but I'm happy for my neighbor to have what he wants.

I went and got groceries today. I knew the store was busy on Sundays, but it was busy enough I had to wait for a cart to come free. And on the way out, as I got to the beginning of the crosswalk between the exit and the handicapped spots, a large black SUV driven by an Hispanic woman not only came up, but was about two inches from me by the time I got to the other side. I ducked my head down and looked at her and she gave me the finger. I think she missed the part of the driver's booklet where pedestrians have the right of way, particularly in the crosswalk.

I had to buy kitty litter and the OTC eye drops and even with a coupon for the drops, just those items were $46, more than twice the rest of the stuff I bought. Almost everything else was on sale.
Tags: azaleas, drivers, groceries

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