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The Heart: Good, Bad, and Ugly

I was awakened by a call from the nurse-practitioner that supervised the stress test and she said my heart "has no blockages and is good and strong." However, the test I got results for yesterday, the BNP, was 177, which is apparently indicative of heart failure. I'm not making much sense of this myself, so I made an appointment with my primary doctor for Thursday. There is a note in that wikipedia article that it can also indicate renal failure, so I suppose it could be that.

And the Ugly: I mentioned a while back that black pastors from outside DC were trying to put up a referendum in DC to keep DC from recognizing same sex marriages from the states. Well, the guy in charge is now sharing an apartment in DC, has registered to vote there, and has a DC drivers license. Surely that can't count.
Tags: health, politics

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