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Lifelode by Jo Walton

This is Jo's NESFA book from Boskone this year and it's sufficiently different to need a FAQ on the book at the end. I recommend reading the FAQ first, although once I was through the first chapter, I was reading without problems.

The book is set in a series of lands where the East has a lot of yeya (essentially magic) and the West has almost none with the Marches in the middle having some. The book is set in the Applekirk Manor in the Marches and our protagonist can see different-aged selves of the people around her as well as has a lot of household yeya. The household is her lifelode -- the work that is right for her, for her life.

The household gets guests from the West and the East near-simultaneously and they both have large effects on the Manor and the village, including the current polyamorous relationships. There's an interesting version of gods that show up, and people we like, die. I enjoyed this a lot, but I suspect we can't get Jo to write more about it.
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