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The Man Who Copied

I actually watched this Friday and forgot to post about it. It's a Brazilian film that I watched with the English subtitles. Andre, who is 19, is a photocopier operator at a little office shop. He lives with his mother and has a very strict budget. He saved a year to get binoculars, which he uses to watch Silvia, a girl who lives across some streets from his high-rise apartment. He casually tries to get to know her by "running into" her and so forth. He decides the only way to get to marry her is to be rich and he starts thinking of stupid illegal things to do to be rich, including making copies of bills on his work copier. Things start getting complicated here and I was sure there would be a bad ending, but there was a twist that surprised me, had me laughing, and there was a good ending. I think most people would like it.
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