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Marilee J. Layman

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05:53 pm: The Ballad of Jack and Rose
Daniel Day-Lewis plays Jack, a former commune-member whose wife left him and their daughter, Rose, on the commune property alone. As Rose becomes a teen, she clearly fixates sexually on her dad. When he realizes this, he has the woman he's been having sex with for four months move in, along with her two boys. He tells Rose they're going to have guests, but it's obvious to her that they're moving in. She talks to her dad about it and he says it's "just an experiment." Rose has the younger creepy son impale her and is happy when she finds blood on the sheet. Jack is not so happy when he finds it on the clothesline in the morning marked "Just an experiment."

A second plot line has Jack trying to keep the island they live on without development and he vandalizes the houses.

The ending here is only slightly unexpected and I found myself saying "Jack, you idiot!" a lot.

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