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Today and tomorrow are cooler and then we go back to the humid 80s. I took the trash and recycling out, dropped a DVD off at the post office, and got some labs done at the new Kaiser Manassas. There's still only five handicapped parking spots, although they're in a better spot than at the shopping center, and they've put waiting areas away from the different section counters and they're visually blocked so I won't be able to sit down when I need to and say "I'm behind him." I'll probably have to leave my info and sit down and then be called up vocally when it's my turn.

I keep forgetting to post that the mortgage guy called last week to let me know nothing was wrong, they just were processing a lot of refinancings. My lock-in goes until 7/21 and if by some chance it's not done by then, he can put in another month.

I got mail from "Super Q Mart" today and was hoping it was an international market and it is. Super Q Mart is really close here so I may go see it when it opens. For locals, it's in the new shopping center where Liberia turns into the Parkway and crosses where Wellington turns into the Parkway.

I'm still ripping CDs and have a Tom Smith CD in now, which Windows thinks is Cibo Matto, so I'll have to edit it by hand to the right names. I wonder what it will think the other Tom Smith CD is. Ah, that one is right.
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