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The Anesthesiology Consult

I gave him the medical.txt and we went over that and the things that have happened to me with anesthesia before and he decided that I need to have the endometrial biopsy in the hospital instead of Kaiser's out-patient surgery center "so if something goes wrong, you're already there." I'm not thrilled that he thinks I'm more likely to have something go wrong, but it is why I insisted on the consult. So one of the other appointments this week is cancelled and since the consult turned out to have no copay, I have $20 extra dollars to roll over to next week's appointments.

The scheduler says the earliest she has for the OB/GYN is 7/20, and I gave her the days Janet can't drive, and she'll get back to me.

I'm having a lot of trouble getting the daily stuff done because being short of breath exhausts me. I'm having to nap some, too. I hope this gets better.

I got a thank you note for the high school graduation present I sent my nephew (4G thumbdrive with Cory's Little Brother on it), but it was written by my sister-in-law (he's 18, what are they teaching him in that Christian school?), a third of it was about her, and the card was for a baby shower (teddy bears and baby toys on the front). And I still don't know what he's doing next.
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