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Regeneration: Species Imperative #3 by Julie E. Czerneda

I reviewed the first book, and I must say that I may have been too US-centric when complaining about the Rockies at the Pacific Ocean. Czerneda is Canadian and there is a WorldGov in the books, plus the Hecate Strait actually exists. The second review.

This book starts out with the emotional romantic stuff and then moves on to space, aliens, disasters, and science. Our protagonist, Mac, is still trying to find the bad aliens, and she does. She has become a leader in the effort and also has a lot more danger. She's given up on the hair. In the end, there's romance with Trojanowski and a clear plug for another trilogy. I liked the science/space part of this and not the romance part, so it's hard to make a recommendation for the trilogy. I liked about half of them, but not in a single book way, in a parts from each way. If you decide to read these, note that the rough page length, in order, is 350, 450, and 550.
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