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Marilee J. Layman

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04:08 pm: Look At Me
Early on in this DVD, the skinny blonde stepmother says to her dark plump stepdaughter, "Have you lost weight?" in that way that skinny people think is good. When the stepdaughter answered vehemently, "Not a bit," I knew I'd like this movie.

There's also the father, a younger daughter/half-sister, a couple where the husband is a writer and the wife a vocal teacher, plus a lot of young men.

The father is an emotionally abusive narcisistic famous writer who has never heard his older daughter sing. He calls her his "big girl" and when she shows up at the house, tells her she should have come earlier so they wouldn't have had to get a babysitter. The daughter has discovered that every boy who "likes" her really wants a route to her father.

It turns out that the couple also really likes the father's work and they're surprised to find out that the wife is the vocal teacher of the daughter and when they all get together, the weave of their lives starts to pull and tear.

I liked this a lot, and not just because the daughter is dealing with being plump.

Note that the DVD choices have a Language category and not a Subtitles category and I got English sub-titles from the Language category. It's in French, which is one of my better extra languages.

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