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Kaiser is Running My Life

I just spent the last couple hours scheduling things. Finally got the endometrial biopsy scheduled and Janet is driving me, for which I'm very thankful. That also got three collateral appointments: anesthesiology consult, primary doctor appointment, and a phone interview with a surgical nurse. The reason I got the stomach CT is because there's a small cyst on my left kidney and I get to see the urologist for that. There's nothing else wrong with it, so they'll probably watch it, but the urology nurse had me tell the nephrologist about it, too. Next week I'm doing medical things four days.

Otherwise, I took a DVD and dropped it off at the post office and brought in the CDs I had in the van to rip them. I put five that were already ripped in the box and hope to remember to take them out next time. I'm waiting for Peapod to bring the heavy and bulky things -- they're due within the next hour and forty minutes. It used to be you had to just take the entire time you signed up (4:30pm - 9:30pm for me, because I save a dollar) but now you can check the website in the morning and they'll give you a two-hour time inside the time you signed up.
Tags: errands, health

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