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This is the political story of Harvey Milk, the first out gay public official in the US. It was a really good movie, but it's also the only one where I think I took notes throughout. I reread The Mayor of Castro Street: The Life and Times of Harvey Milk before I watched this, and most of the words were exactly the same as in the book.

Harvey always said he wouldn't live to be 50 and he made a recording to be played only if he was assassinated. He was, of course, along with George Moscone, and using a framework of him making that recording was a wonderful way to move the movie along. It also allowed them to leave out a lot of things. For one, his sex/love life is shown as serial monogamy when it wasn't. His friends already knew Jack had hung himself before Harvey went upstairs and found him. Anne Kronenburgh worried throughout working with him that she and her lesbian friends were getting the shaft, so to speak. What the movie gives you is a wiped-clean life of Harvey -- good for most folk watching, but not really what happened.

I would have liked to know which film bits were real as opposed to modified to look real. Our Frank Robinson is shown in the movie at 1:20:33 and talks in the "Remembering Harvey" extra, although he's labelled as "Campaign Writer." I guess SF writer was too unusual.

So I'm really conflicted about the movie. As a movie, it was really good, and you can't get a book into movie time. On the other hand, the movie was sanitized for the general public, and I'm not sure that's a good thing.
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