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An Enlarged Heart

"Maybe you're just a really kind person" the doctor said. I have too many possible reasons for this, many coming with the treatment for this stroke, so he ordered another diuretic and a fancy nuclear medicine test up in Maryland. I left a message on the scheduler's voice mail. I still see the abdominal wall wound specialist tomorrow and need to make the appointments for the endometrial biopsy. I feel a little out of control, as my last dream this morning showed:

I was in a little town on a river in charge of a giant elephant and I lost the elephant.

I voted today and was the 19th person who'd done so at about 1pm. I guessed I'd be one of 20 at our poll, so it'll probably be higher than I expected.

It's raining like crazy at the moment; I hope it cools things down!
Tags: dream, health, politics, weather

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