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Today I hit the point of having to sit down exhausted after just a few steps and being out of breath as well as vast pain. There's a good chance I'm in prednisone withdrawal and I emailed the rheumatologist to tell her and see what she wants to do, plus see if the stomach CT report has come yet.

In other areas, I'm doing the standard Monday things: money at the ATM, dropping a DVD at the post office, groceries (I kept thinking I was going to fall in there, I won't be able to go next week unless I get better), and now washing cat blankies.

I get Explanations of Benefits from Kaiser when I get services outside Kaiser and as you might imagine, I've been getting lots of them since the stroke. Most so far are for the radiologists' pay (they aren't covered in the hospital bill) and the one that came today, for example, billed $206, Medicare paid $33.98, Kaiser paid $8.50, and I don't owe anything. Well, also today was the EOB for the first 14 days of hospitalization: billed $93,274.76, Medicare paid $16,077.29, Kaiser paid $818, and I have a years-worth co-pay of $250 (I can get hospitalized as many times as necessary for the rest of the year without paying another co-pay). Quite a difference between bill & pay.
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