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This is the post I was going to make yesterday. Anybody who's seen my handwriting knows it's illegible, and I proved that with the cat blankie. Monday night I realized that I'd misread part of the pattern I'd written and gone 10 rounds beyond where I needed to make a change in color. So I took those out (using only my right hand and having right forearm pain all night -- I alternate hands when I wind balls, I should have been smarter) and piled them in order in the middle of the "cup" of the blankie, hoping I could crochet them back in without tangles. I got four rounds in last night without problems, so that's working so far.

I had my nebupent treatment today and read the WashPost Food section while I was waiting for the nurse to call me. Usually I just skim the recipes because they don't work for me for three reasons: 1) I'd have to buy a lot of stuff I don't have, 2) too much standing/cutting/etc., and/or 3) can't be easily scaled down for one or portioned for freezing. But today they reviewed What We Eat When We Eat Alone: Stories and 100 Recipes and the recipe they have in the paper, Pasta with Spicy Cauliflower and Walnuts, not only has things I either have or bring home every Monday (my salad bar container has vastly more cauliflower by weight and volume than anything else), but it uses few utensils and doesn't require much standing or cutting. I'll have to try this next week.

In the DC area, the Prince George's County jail is known for their corruption and today we're seeing the Maryland State Police backing them up. About a year ago, a man ran a car over a county police officer. They caught him right away and he was found dead in his cell two days later. The ME said he was murdered. Subsequently two guards "confessed" to taking him down from hanging by a sheet and getting rid of a suicide note. People all over the area have been waiting for a murder indictment, but today the chief county prosecutor says the state police have said it was a suicide and he won't prosecute. A suicide? Why would guards cover up a suicide? Why did the cameras in that area happen to malfunction at a convenient time? Ronnie White did a bad thing, sure enough, but he still deserved a trial and those who kept him from it and committed murder themselves deserve one, too.
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