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A Bad Night

I was up twice with diarrhea so when the alarm went off at 11am, I turned it off and slept two more hours. I could do that because today is the only day this week that I don't have to be somewhere at a specific time.

I got money for the week from the ATM, returned books to the library, dropped off a DVD at the post office, dropped off the extra Whiskas pouches at the city animal shelter, and got groceries. On the way home, I was behind the school bus that stops for about four minutes to let kids out at the junction of the main road and the road that goes into three developments, including ours. My phone rang and I expected it to be more political stuff, so I answered it. Instead it was the scheduler for my general surgery. I'm not seeing the NP, I'm seeing a doctor who specializes in abdominal wall wounds next Wednesday afternoon. So I drove about a block with the phone to my ear.

DC has a brand new juvenile justice center -- very expensive, nicer for the kids, no barbed wire -- that opened Friday. Saturday, one of the inmates literally went over the fence. So today they're putting up barbed wire in places they think the kids could get out. Only DC.

And also in DC, the WashPost has put together a series of articles and other information on Murder on Swann Street. A young lawyer had to stay in town late and slept in the guest room of a gay polyamorous family. He was sexually assaulted and killed, but the proof of who did it is not quite there. The detectives are using the BDSM tools and pictures to point to the triad. The WashPost has been giving us bits as they turn up, but this is the first compilation.
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