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Mortgage and TV Movies

I took one last look through the mortgage application papers last night, put them in the Fedex envelope, signed on to find the closest place to take it today, and put them in a drawer because the envelope is the kind Spirit likes to chew.

Today I went to the Fedex Office which is in one of our new shopping centers just a couple miles from the condo. No curbcut close, but a pillar on the edge of the sidewalk with a bit that sticks out, so I stabilized stepping up from there. I gave the envelope to the woman at the counter and got a receipt.

I've been watching some movies on TV and last night I watched American Beauty. I'd never seen this because I thought it looked stupid with the nekkid girl and rose petals, but I don't want to run out of DVDs over the weekend and it had four stars, so I watched it. It was much darker and deeper and better than any of the ads or trailers I saw. I would have watched this long ago if those had been more accurate.

I also watched the first Night at the Museum on TV and thought it was cute and fun. Not an event movie, but better than I expected. And then I watched Shane the other night. I remember pretty much every bit of that, but it's a good enough movie to watch repeatedly, this time on TCM.
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