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On the Phone

I think I just spent a couple of hours on the phone, most of it while the phone was charging.

First, I stopped by the mailbox to see if my check was there and it was, so I took the DVD to the post office, deposited my check, and stopped to have a small vanilla ice cream cone.

When I got home I talked to two people at the BofA loan department about a question I had, which turns out not to be a problem. Then I tried to pay bills but the online billpay said there was $0.00 in my checking account. I called my friend who is an officer at the credit union, but she wasn't at work and couldn't look at the account, so I called a members services person there who made me clear the cache, turn off the computer, boot it back up, and check again before telling me that they'd been told there'd be maintenance today. I would have appreciated the maintenance clue sooner.

Then I got the call from the woman who will make me pants. I can't tell you how long I've been looking for someone because store-bought pants just don't fit very well and the pants I have are falling apart. We discussed how it would work and the cost ($25/pair plus material) and she's going to come next Friday to measure me and the current pants and take a pair with her.

And finally, all the political calls. We have the Democratic primary for governor on the 9th and even though I'm not supposed to get political calls on my cellphone, I still do.

I finally got the bills paid and am thinking about what to make for dinner.
Tags: bills, errands, mortgage, pants, politics

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