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"Syler: Toast in the Morning"

That was the heading of yesterday's WashPost TV Column and you can imagine how I felt about the columnist, Lisa de Moraes, giving away such a plot twist! Then I read on, and the next two paragraphs say:

"The Early Show" is saying sayonara to one of its three infotainment hostesses in favor of a male news reader.

René Syler is out; Russ Mitchell is in.

Oh well.

I think my dream last night was encouraged by the book I finished last night (see below). My mother and brother and I were outcasts, living in a tiny bit of disputed land. We'd built a little shack there and did errands for people, saving as much money as we could so Rick could go to school. One day we were all out and when we came back, the dispute had been solved and the winning government had bulldozed our shack and everything in it.
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