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My Life At Kaiser

Well, it seems that way at the moment. I got 14 labs today -- the every two weeks from the nephrologist and the every four weeks from the rheumatologist. This is the week they coincide. I sent an email to the rheumatologist yesterday about the x-ray I had a month ago because my primary doc thought she might want to follow it up, and indeed, I now have a stomach CT scheduled for 6/4. Before then, I have the gyn appointment on Thursday and the Nebupent fancy nebulizer treatment next Wednesday.

My back is better today because of the narcotics last night, but the pressure sores are the same so I wrote my primary and asked for an urgent dermatology consult.

The cat blankie is big enough now that I can only do two rounds a night because each round takes 90 minutes. The last round last night had 540 stitches and it increases 12 stitches a round for a while more and then it will decrease dramatically near the end. Spirit has figured out that she can sit on my right thigh with her back up against the part I'm working on. My grandmother, who taught me to crochet, was right-handed, so I usually crochet right-handed and have the upcoming part to work into on my left.
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