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In the News 5/25

With the California court banning more gay marriages (albeit leaving the current ones intact), there's a bit of good news from Hilary Rodham Clinton who is giving the same benefits to all diplomatic domestic partners, gay or straight.

There are so many judges and prosecutors that are getting threats that the Marshal Service has had to set up a threat management center. It's not just big-deal criminals who are doing the threatening, too. It's people who have to pay a $3K debt or have a lot of parking tickets. It makes me wonder why and how so many people have become so angry.

Yesterday was Memorial Day and this article is about a woman whose Army fiance was killed in Iraq and how she didn't get what she wanted of his stuff because they weren't married and he didn't have a will. What the article doesn't say is that this is true of any fiance/e that's killed/dies without a will. It's not some military burden, but a simple legal circumstance.
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