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Fixing Things

I got the mandala mat trimmed and the mandala framed and up on the wall.

I've been trying the creams for the pressure sores and the one that works the best is the 1% hydrocortosone cream, but it doesn't work for very long. In fact, I noticed that it works for a shorter period each additional time I had to put it on. So I decided to google "treat pressure sore" and found a Merck Manual page that says it needs to be dry (non-caking body powder), it needs to stop having pressure, and I need a high protein diet so the cells can repair the sore.

Googling brought up only one brand of non-caking body powder so I ordered that, but it won't be here for about a week. I'll go ahead and buy more of the 1% cream when I go to the grocery tomorrow, but I'll also pick up the 2.5% from Kaiser on Tuesday just in case it works better (I have to do labs there anyway). I thought back about the times I've had the awful pain and there's much more pain and it increases more often when I'm sitting up straight. I have almost none when I'm sitting in the recliner or completely reclined/in bed. This means that I'm going to stay on the bed and read a bit every time I reapply the cream, and I'll try to take breaks in the recliner. That should take some of the pressure off. I can't do anything about the protein.
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