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Finally Sleep, Broken Glass, SF & DHS, Suicide Barriers, and Coupons

Yes, a diverse post today. I ended up not being sleepy until I'd been up 36 hours and then I kept dropping off while I was crocheting and watching a DVD. I tried to read a bit before turning the light out, but gave up on that after five pages. I had the alarm set for 10am, which would have been nine hours, but I turned it off and slept until a bit after noon. Still, I may need a nap soon.

A couple years ago I got a piece of art from a fannish charitable auction and it arrived with broken glass because the sender/donor didn't pack it properly. I didn't have a table to work with it on and just let it sit out of the way in the workroom. Once I got the Eee, I knew I'd need a table, so I planned on how to get the glass out without killing myself. The table went in on Wednesday and today I got all the glass out and safely into a well-taped box for the trash. I only hurt myself once -- a tiny hole in my left forefinger that produced a drop of blood. The art is on the wall now. Next, a mandala from a friend where I need to cut down the mat to fit the frame.

DHS hosts SF authors for help with Homeland Security.

My friend Doris posts here anonymously regularly and her son killed himself by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge two years ago. Here's a petition to sign for suicide barrier funding. Studies show that of people who are stopped from committing suicide the first time, only six percent go on to kill themselves. A lot of people could be saved with a suicide barrier. Please consider signing the petition.

I mentioned using a coupon to take lizzibabe to dinner after she put my table together and the same coupon, for Ruby Tuesday, was in yesterday's WashPost on page A6 and it refers you to their Soconnected site for more valuable offers. I just see a birthday coupon, but you never know.
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