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No Sleep and Funeral

I went to bed at midnight last night and was still awake at 2am. I realized that the $200 from the new mortgage would come in at about the same time I fall into the Medicare Plan D donut hole and have to pay for all my meds for the rest of the year. That's about $450/month. So with the $200 from the mortgage, the $150/month that I already pay in copays (no copays when you pay for all of it), the $90 from the birdseed, and the $50 I'm saving because my cleaning lady is coming every four weeks for $50 instead of every two weeks for $50, I'll have the money for the meds. And if the most expensive med works, I'll be off it in four months, anyway. But I got up and worked out a budget for being in the donut hole and having the new mortgage, and after I pay everything required, I have $96.90 in discretionary funds each month. Heh.

Then I went back to bed and never went to sleep. I got up a couple more times -- tried eating cheese which usually sends me to sleep, played some solitaire on the computer, but nothing worked.

So I was up and ready when the couple from the bookgroup and their older son arrived at 9:30am. We made good time up to the funeral home and stopped at a close McDonald's for a snack. I tried the snackwrap and wasn't impressed. I definitely shouldn't have had soda because I was suppressing burps through the service. We headed over to the funeral home and went into the parking lot right after our friends and she was gobsmacked. She hadn't known her husband (the decedent's son) had told us about his death, much less that we were coming.

The service was in a nice little non-denominational chapel with interesting plastic colored window panes to look at. I think we were the only people who didn't know most of the others, but we were pleased to be there for our friends. Most of the men wore dark suits and most of the women wore black with a color. Beige and yellow were the predominate colors.

Afterwards we headed out in a caravan for the interment (I stayed in the car since I can't walk on grass) and then the car's GPS took us home through Memorial Day DC -- all the way down Pennsylvania Ave -- to stop&go I-66. We stopped at the Cheesecake Factory in Fair Oaks Mall for lunch and to get out of the car. They've added a snacks and small plates menu since the last time I was there and I had the stuffed mushrooms and a margherita pizzetta which were both very good and finished off my protein for the day. If I'm still up later, I'll zap a package of veggies. Then we came home on back roads.

On our way our of the mall, we saw a helicopter above and many police cars and officers around the mall and were sure something was happening. Now that I have the news on, there's no mention of that, but apparently the backup on I-66 was three buses that rear-ended each other. And it's good we took the back roads home because there was a big accident on Route 28. Nothing about the mall, though.

I'm going to try to read the paper before I go to bed, and I'm not reading anything today, just posting these two posts.
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