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Survival by Julie E. Czerneda

This is the first book of the Species Imperative trilogy. It's set far in the future, but the only thing that's really changed is skims -- flying cars, more or less -- and humans are in space with aliens. The protagonist, Mac, is a biologist who is investigating salmon diversity on the Pacific Coast (which she mentions as having the Rockies). They're visited by an alien scientist from a species that has never been to Earth before. The alien says another alien species tried to kill his and is on the way to ours. Our protagonist (who has long hair that she fiddles with all the time) gets caught up in the possible loss of humans and goes with the alien to his planet to try and find the answer.

The book was full of errors, some like the Rockies being on the coast, and some internal like this one where when the alien serves the progenitor on their planet, they lose a limb. So (page 339, SFBC)it says:

"Two hands missing, two extra names" about Parymn Ne Sa who is part of their escort.

Two para later, it says: "Given their entire escort carried weapons in all six hands," and the next para: "Parymn sheathed the weapons in four of his six hands."

I know some people never register this kind of thing, but it bothers me.

I'm going to read two books with different authors next because they have to go back to the library and I'll decide about reading the other two books in this trilogy at the end of that. This book doesn't really end and I may be sufficiently interested in the end to read the other two. We'll see.
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