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Errands and Longhorn

I took trash and recycling out today and then went to the Giant to get the calamine and vaseline to try. I also got a couple boxes of kitty litter since I would have had to get them Monday and this way there's less to carry and deal with then. I couldn't resist going to Nathan's and getting a small vanilla cone, even though it's way the other direction than going home. Mmmmm.

Interesting mail today, too: I got the letter telling me I qualified for the real estate tax exemption again this year (I expected that, but you never know) and I got a letter from Bank of America, who now own my Countrywide mortgage. It says they looked at my mortgage and I might be eligible for the Making Home Affordable Program and I should call them. From everything I've read, I'm too far upside down for the program, but I'll call tomorrow and see.

I called the person from Longhorn and told her I'd forwarded her email to the folks in the bookgroup who were at Longhorn on Saturday so I could pass on their comments. We talked briefly and she's going to send me a gift card to take all the group back because they want everything to be perfect. That's a really good deal, and I appreciate that they want to make it right.

Also, if you live in the DC/Metro area, there's an online coupon from Giant here that says it's for $3 off your next fresh meat purchase. When you get to the .pdf coupon, it's $3 off your next fresh meat purchase of $15. I printed it anyway, you never know. (Mine came out with green meat...)
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