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The Primary Doctor

Back on the first, when I brought Spirit home from the dental vet the first time and careened around the house in the desk chair cleaning up the blood, I got a pain in my right groin when I stood or sat or bended. It seemed to me to be something to do with a patch of stria and just the loose skin, not a hernia, and I thought it would go away. But after two weeks, I made an appointment for today because it hurts like crazy when it does hurt. The doctor agreed that it has something to do with the skin -- just a soft brush of the finger makes me yell while pushing at it doesn't hurt -- but doesn't know what would do that. So she's having me try calamine first, on general principles, and if that doesn't work, I'll pick up the hydrocortisone cream (I have an OTC hydrocortisone cream and will probably try that before getting the prescription) and try that.

Also, after more than a decade of menopause, I've had some minor bleeding the last week, so she had me move up my gyn appointment to next Thursday.

I looked at Chili's nutrition data yesterday to check protein and today I had their new jalapeno/onion string stack (0 protein) which was very good and the side Caeser salad which only had 4gr so I can have a little slice of the pork tonight.
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