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Cats Napping and Eating

Spirit nosed her way under the duvet and insisted on kneading my left upper arm. Unfortunately, she was pulling up skin with her claws and that wouldn't heal for a while because of the meds, so I ended up blocking her way with the recliner's attached remote. She settled in and when I woke up two hours later, she was spread across my chest. Shiva would usually have pushed her out so he could sit on my stomach (there's really room for both of them), but not this time.

When I came home from my errands, I found they'd eaten all the wet food, but there was a halo of the pouch food around the dish. I'd bought more tartar control snackies because they really like them even though neither of them have teeth, and they came running when I opened the drawer to put them away. Spirit ate several of these hard snackies for the first time since she got her teeth out, so it looks like we can go back to wet food, snackies, and dry food when I run out of the pouches.
Tags: cats

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