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Definitely Nap

Two nights with less than five hours sleep requires a nap, so I'll do that when I finish this post and then come back when I wake up.

I was up early today to wait for a service person for the air handler. There's too much moisture in the air here, and he agreed, but the only thing he could do is to make the fan 5% slower. He suggested a dehumidifier and I'll have to see if it gets bad enough to spend that much.

This was also my first dose of the generic fosamax and it has all these rules about how to take it, so I was just settling in to nap at 11:30 and he came at 11:40 (his range was 10am-1pm). After he left, I put on shoes and headed out to the ATM for money for the week and it turned out that the credit union didn't have power and not only did the ATMs not work, but everybody was stuck inside the office. I went back the way I'd come and now the lights at a major intersection were off and two police officers were directing traffic. I turned to a less major intersection and they managed four-way stop pretty well.

I dropped Saturday's DVD in the drive-by box at the post office and headed on for groceries (using my debit card, since I didn't have the cash). This time I had the packer who puts everything in as few bags as possible, even when I ask for equal weight in all three reusable bags. (The other packer packs by category. I appreciate they're mentally-disabled, but I'm physically-disabled and I'd like to work something out. I'll have to call the store.)

When I came home and got stuff put away, I tried the credit union and it was down, but it came back up a while ago. So off to nap and I'll be back later.
Tags: dehumidifier, errands, meds, money, sleep

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