Marilee J. Layman (mjlayman) wrote,
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The Boys and Girl of County Clare

This is the story of Irish brothers who play Ceili. One brother lives on the family farm (Bernard Hill); the other has a Ceili band in Liverpool (Colm Meany). They're both on their way to a Ceili competition. They try to keep each other from getting there and from being able to play in rather nasty ways. The farm brother has a female piano player whose daughter plays the fiddle (Andrea Corr). A member of the Liverpool band falls in love with the fiddler and old bad memories come up from the brothers and the piano player. Will the young ones go together?

The movie was fine, but it clearly had a .75 naked woman, silhouetted sex, and a lot of "fucks" added to ramp it up to R because the plot was definitely PG-13.
Tags: dvd
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