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Star Trek and Dinner

The movie was great, but I'm not going to talk about it because I know a lot of my flist will be going to see it. Seven of our group were from the library bookgroup and dcseain joined us. We went out to Ned Devine's Irish Pub afterward where it took an hour to get food, they set an 18% gratuity when we divided into one group of four and four groups of one, and then for the folks who paid with credit cards, they had the meal total, the 18% gratuity, and then another empty line labeled "gratuity" for folks who aren't paying attention. Very rude.

Spirit talked to me today and I think she's hungry, but I haven't found anything yet that she'll eat. She's very interested in the snackies (and she could have them to fill her tummy), but even she sees them as too hard (they're to combat tartar).

This is all I'm doing online today. I need to sit in the recliner.
Tags: cats, food, movie

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