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My Cytogenic Intake

I had the NeBuPent mist coming into my mouth via nebulizer while sitting in a room with an air handler that takes all the air out through it and filters while two double-masked nurses observed. I have two more treatments -- June and July -- and that's it. They'd never done this before and were consulting a lot of paperwork and checking each other. Hmmm, I wonder if they thought I had HIV and nobody had told them. Surely Kaiser would note HIV/AIDs on a chart. Oh, and the nebulizer itself had special filters.

I'd earlier been to the ATM, dropped off a DVD at the post office, and picked up groceries at the Giant.

I'm having trouble catching Spirit to give her the pain meds and to get both her & Shiva to eat. Earlier, Spirit went down the hall to my bedroom and I was able to sneak down behind her and shut the door. I gave her the meds (just squeezed into her mouth) and then carried her back to the kitchen, opened a wet food can, and put little bits (about an ounce total) into her mouth. Now she's really mad at me. She really wants to eat snackies, which are quite hard.
Tags: brain, cats, errands

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