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First, the feds:

1. The Justice Department is charging Charles Taylor's son with torture (the former-Liberian president's son is in Florida jail for illegally trying to get into the US). Now, he's charged with using a hot iron, scalding water, and burning someone and as far as we know (and I really hope), we haven't used those. However, we have, and almost certainly are, using equivalent torture on people we consider "enemy combatants." Justice should clean up our own house first.

2. President Bush appears ready to ignore all the suggestions from the Iraq Study Group and to continue the war, yet he presided over the opening of the Pageant of Peace on the Ellipse last night. Maybe he should have sent Baker & Hamilton.

And local:

Fairfax City, Virginia, wants to move a volunteer day center for the homeless and is considering paying for the new building. Where do they want to move it? Out into the county around the city. Why? Well, sometimes the homeless [gasp] buy alcohol at the 7-11 next door and sometimes they stand in front of stores and businesses. So they want this center to move not only out of the city, but to an industrial area which is hard to get to on public transportation and has no restaurants or retail around it. They like the center so much they'll pay for the new building, but not in their backyard.
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