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Cleaning the Utility Room

Spirit tracked blood over large portions of the house yesterday evening and I got a lot of it by scooting around in the desk chair with multiple wet towels. When she let me catch her (and give her pain meds), we sat in the recliner for a bit and I got the gobbets of blood off the sides of her mouth and washed her face and front paws as much as I could. She's just had bits of serous fluid since, which is good because I was beginning to worry that she'd pulled a stitch.

So now that I have outside light, I see a few more bloody cat footprints and I'll get those later (good thing I have laminate). What I'm doing in bits today is cleaning the utility room. I just left the blood in there because the room itself hasn't been cleaned in a while and I might as well do it all at once. I have all the movable stuff out and have used a mop to clean the tops of the washer-dryer, water heater, and air handler. Next, all the floor with the mop, and where she has some tracks on the wall. Then I start washing things like the shelves (now in the hall) and so forth and then move them back in. They're not bloody, but the kitty litter has made them dusty. Shiva is unhappy that the litter box is here next to the desk, to be moved back in last.

I just ordered a new toaster oven/broiler from Target. When I first moved here 9/30/91, I brought the toaster oven/broiler I'd had since 1977. Looking at it with the new appliances and seeing how I hadn't been able to clean the interior very well, I bought the one I have now. It is also rather burnt-on inside, but the important part is that the handle is coming off and I'm getting burned more often. I started looking online for a new toaster oven/broiler and it turns out that they have become bigger and more complicated over the years. Most were too big to go where I need it to, and some had things like a rotisserie and the George Foreman clamp grill. I finally found one at that was the right size, did the right things, had good reviews, and isn't too expensive.
Tags: cats, cleaning, toaster oven/broiler

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