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Another Toothless Cat

I'm going to go sit in the recliner soon and take more pain meds. Spirit only had four good teeth (I saw the pictures and x-rays) and they didn't match, so I had them taken out, too. They might not hurt her, but they wouldn't help and they'd probably have to come out later and I'd have another set of surgical costs (anesthesia, meds, etc.) to pay then. So eight hours sitting up straight. She's very unhappy about having her mouth swollen, but is coming out from behind the water heater every now & then. I have pain meds for her starting at 11pm.

One of the oddest things was that I was the only owner there (other people drive home and back and home) and I'd brought the WashPost and Flying Cups and Saucers with me and read them before lunch while they played an I Love Lucy DVD on a big TV. When I came back from lunch, the TV was off and one of the assistants came out and gave me a choice of DVD. I told her that if they didn't want to watch, I'd rather read. She said "Oh!" like that was not an option, even though I'd already read for three hours.

We got the newPENt scheduled for Monday, so I can start the cytoxan on Tuesday.
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