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Rebel Sutra by Shariann Lewitt

First, I could swear I've read a story made from part of this, but I can't find anything I can attach to it on ISFDB or in any comments about the book. Either that or I read the book earlier and forgot most of it.

It's definitely an unsettled book, both in story and in structure. There's a base of Indian gods and culture that conflicts with the stfnality. (For a much better book in this mode, see Sarah Zettel's Fool's War.) The narrative is past, present, and future, with some mixing. Weird interludes from one character.

There are two genotypes dumped on a desolate freezing planet by the Creators: humans and the Changed. The Changed manage the Exchange and are of course better than the humans who serve them. The rebirth mode turns up in many places, including rebellion. Characters have constant surprises which is unexpected considering how the characters are described and presented earlier.

This is her most recent book and doesn't lead me to read older ones.
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