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Book Things

First, two media bits on Terry Pratchett:

Terry accepting the LA Times Book Prize with his cat.

The Guardian quoting Terry on exclamation marks.

It took me a while to decide what to read next. I have the bookgroup book that has to be read by the 16th for group, and the author has an unrelated trilogy that I have, so I'm going to read that before the next bookgroup. So what to read in this next week? Flying Cups and Saucers. It's an anthology which means if I don't finish before I have to start the bookgroup book, I can just finish after; I'll take it to the dental vet's tomorrow and get strange looks.

Speaking of strange looks for gender-related people and books, the Library of Congress has to pay a transgender woman because they rescinded their employment offer when told she was transitioning.
Tags: gender, pratchett

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