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Cleaning and Resting

I've been spending the day doing bits of cleaning and then resting in the recliner. I got tons of cat hair off the cat castle with the Pet Hair Eraser and have been getting up cat-hair drifts a room at a time with the Swivel Sweeper. I can't use a regular vacuum cleaner on the laminate and when Lucila comes, she prefers the dust mop before the damp mop. I prefer the Swivel Sweeper because it's less work. I'm having her come every month now, so I need to get cat hair up halfway through.

I still have my Hoover from 1983, and I checked it out today to make sure it still worked (on the little rug by my bed), and I gathered all the parts, bags, and (ring-thing that makes it go around) and will take it to the charity thrift store when I take the clothes.

I went to get mail for Luke and me and when I got back, we similtaneously said "Did you hear about Spector?" and laughed. Franken gets through the courts and the Democrats have a filibuster-proof Senate!
Tags: cats, cleaning, politics

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