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Sleep Scheduling

I was so late getting back online last night that I inexplicably stayed up until 6:11am today reading Sunday's paper, watching the 2.5 hours of TV I'd taped, and reading my book-in-bed. It was going to be in the low 90's again today and I wanted to get out and do errands before it got hot, figuring I could nap this afternoon, so I set the alarm for 10am.

I actually got up at 10:30am and it was cooler with the van windows open than with the air conditioning, although I had to put the driver's window up a bit because my forearm was getting hot. I deposited my check and then went to the KFC. Yesterday's Parade magazine had a no-purchase coupon where you got a free piece of their new grilled chicken (piece picked by manager). I bought small potato wedges and a small diet drink to go along (I'm sure they're planning on that) and got a drumstick. It tasted and had the texture of being steamed rather than grilled, but it was a cheap lunch.

I went on to the grocery store and when I got home, pulled the cats' chair into the kitchen so I could put most stuff away while sitting down. I got the computer up and paid the bills that have come in so far and made an appointment for a dental vet to at least clean Spirit's teeth on Friday. I have to be there at 9am, which means getting up at 7am. Ahhhhhh!

At which point, I really needed to sleep, so I started washing cat blankies and settled into the recliner.
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