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Marilee J. Layman

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03:54 pm: In My Country
This movie is about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. At least that's what they say. There's a printed foreword that says that many of the testimonies are exactly the real testimonies, but I thought those words were used to introduce a drama that has less to do with reconciliation than the US and romance.

In real life, Afrikaaners (white South Africans) kept the many-times-more blacks in submission by torture and death. When Nelson Mandela was set free, the blacks and whites agreed to a Truth and Reconciliation Commission that traveled. The blacks would give their testimonies and the person who hurt them or their family member would explain why they did that and if they could show that they did it under orders, they were given amnesty. Unfortunately, this part of the movie was peppered in with cynicism and romance between the US black WashPost reporter and an Afrikaaner poet. There's even a bit of gangsta mixed in. This is based on Antjie Krog's book Country of My Skull, which I highly recommend.

In a bit of relevance, today's WashPost quotes Obama as rejecting a truth commission for our torture.

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