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Post Office

I went to the post office today to mail the BFAC project for next year, a book, a return Netflix, and a letter "from my favorite girl scout" that had a non-existent address (an extra number at the end) and person for this address (I'm the original owner). I stopped by the Giant on the way home and got salad from the bar and plan to eat it tonight.

I'm doing laundry and just a few minutes ago, the first round stopped and I went into the hall to move it to the dryer and put the next round in. I was wearing my computer glasses because they're close enough to the regular ones to move laundry around, but as I went into the hall, I saw something about twice the size of my thumb that was moving. So I got a paper towel and caught some kind of giant beetle and flushed it. I didn't want either cat to try to eat it.

I plugged the LG DVD/VCR in last night and it works fine. The note on the paper that came with it was that the lens was scratched, so I'll have to start using the lens cleaner thing that I got. One of the really nice things about this DVD/VCR is that I can use both at the same time as long as one is watching and one is recording. Last night I set the VCR to record CSI: from 8:55 to 10:05 and started watching a 1:43 DVD a little after 8pm. So as soon as the DVD was done, I rewound the tape and watched it until right before the news was on.
Tags: beetle, dvd/vcr, food, laundry, post office

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